Monday, March 9, 2009

Pasta time

Ugh we have colds in this house right now. Cake was a snotty mess a few days ago and then she lovingly passed it on to me. What sweet sharing girl...

We move officially next Saturday! Im so excited. No more apartments. Cause they are lame:)

Cake had her first bowl of pasta with sauce the other day. She loves noodles but she never was really too interested in the sauce. I tried again with her and she loved it! I swear she ate 2 bowls! The big macaroni noodles are her favorite. She can pick them up really easily and will sometimes poke at them with her fork.

She managed to stay mostly clean. I swear, this kid hates getting dirty from food. Dirt and other stuff is a different story though. But when she eats she tries really hard to keep the mess to a minimum. Its humorous. She mostly gets it on her face. With the pasta though she some how ended up with it all in her hair and in her ear. But none on her clothes!

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