Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I did Cake's hair the other day in some piggys and added some corker bows. I loved it! I was

told she looked like a goof ball but since I thought she looked adorable I won!

She loves getting her hair done after I get her dressed. She sits there like a patient little thing and when I am done I always tell her how pretty and beautiful she looks. Whe I tell her that she is pretty she tilts her head to the side and makes a cutie smile. I love it!

This is what her hair looked like when I took the piggys out!!!!


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  1. AWWWW She looks SO adorable!!! Who said she looked like a goof ball?? A goof ball?? Nuff said lol. I love it. I find I have to do Sass's hair everyday or she looks crazy hahaha, and Sass's hair looks like that when I take them out too!! Too cute, she is seriously so adorable!