Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay so I feel like I am constantly slacking and then having to catch up. And I mean that in every aspect of my life. I really need to get my act together!

On Sunday we went to go sign out lease papers for our new place. We move March 15th and I am sooooo excited! I cant wait to get out of our apartment and into a house! And it has a HUGE yard. Cake will be able to run around outside all summer long and be a messy dirty toddler. And we will have enough room for a woof woof. Which is exciting for all of us!

Onto the pictures!

So before we went to sign our papers on Sunday we decided to stop and get some lunch. I was craving sushi so thats what we had! Cake had some veggie tempura and kind of liked it but was more interested in her goldfish. The sushi chef there was laughing at her playing with her fish container and said she was having baby cake sushi!

And I can never get enough of cake in the outfit she is wearing. Its a little one piece that is a halter top with little shorts. I love that where we live it was 91 degrees on Sunday! In the middle of "winter"!!! We never get much of a winter here but 91????? That was a little ridiculous!

This was the cup that they served my beverage in (it was just water)!!! But they said they serve alllll drinks in this cup- even sake!! Can this even be called a cup though? It seriously was the size of a mixing bowl! I couldnt imagine drinking alcohol out of that. Talk about not being able to get up off the floor!!!


  1. I soooo love that outfit...totally cute! And holy heck that is a big "cup" You could use it as a potty when you were done drinking from it lol....you can wash clothes in there...even plant a flower in there haahaha...craziness.

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  3. Hey, I dont know how to use this thing. I put that last comment but then deleted it cuz i'm trying to change the name (?) i dont know what i'm doing!!!

    ANYway, if this gets on there, then I just want you to know that I bookmarked this blog and I love it! That's all :)


    Apparently I had one I just didn't know it. Awesome.

    I'm here!