Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bathtime fun

Every single day this kid cracks me up. She is so full of a bubbly (yet often times demanding) personality. Today was a pretty mellow day. Cake didnt wake up and want out of her crib until almost 1o! Lazy toddler!!! She still is acting pretty sleepy and some what lethargic when she gets up (which the trauma doctor said to watch for) so I scheduled her follow up with her pedi on Tuesdsay. We will see what she says.

Cake and I spent most of the day playing together. She made me food at her kitchen, we danced to the Wiggles (her new favorite show-she loves it more then MMC!!), built a mega block tower for her stuffed dragon, and pretty much just hung out. She totally is my playmate every day and I love it!

Bathtime is always a fun time for us to spend together. She splashes around and I read her a book. Right now we are re-reading Twilight (although Im thinking of getting a new kid friendly bath time book for her).

She loves playing with the millions of toys that she has in the tub with her. Once she hears the water running she will toddle around the house, pick up an armful of toys, head to the bathtub and drop them in (I generally have to sneak a few away that arent tub friendly). Once she is in the tub with all the toys she totally ignores them and is only interested in her wash cloth!!

This is my favorite picture of her tonight. Her classic cheese face!!! I can never get enough of it! She is such a little ham when the camera is out. I totally enjoy all of her cuteness!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cakes New Ride

So Im sure most everyone has seen the pictures of Cake's new stroller but I love it soooo much that I decided to show off some more pictures of it!

Its a Quinny Zapp and its hands down the best stroller ever. Plus its in orange which makes it even more awesome!

Its so light weight. I was able to push Cake around in it at the grocery store today with one hand while I held a hand basket in the other. And Cake seems to love it. She was kicking her feet the whole time and waving to anyone and everyone in the store.

I decided to snap a picture of her in her new stroller with her new birth certificate. Lame I know, but its what I do! I hadnt noticed how grumpy she looks in this picture until now. She still isnt back to her normal self yet but I guess thats to be expected after what happened. Im hoping that the hospital stay didnt traumatize her too bad. Its going to be a waiting game for her normal personality to come back I think.

Okay, I must get some sleep while Cake does.

Catching up

Wow I didnt realize how many days I had missed on here. I have no idea where most of the days went-which is normally the case!

Cake is finally back home and she is doing okay so far. She is a little insecure being on her own but she acutally slept alone in her crib last night. I only had to go check on her once or twice. Which was great progress. I was expecting more of a fight from her.

We are headed off to Santa Ana today to finally pick up Cake's birth certificate. Its totally lame that Ive waited almost 14 months to get it but I figure better late than never right?? Its such a ridiculous process. Either pay an exorbant amount to have it mailed to you (plus the fact that you have to have a SPECIFIC company notarize the form) and wait forever for it to be sent to you or drive 3 hours away and wait at the courthouse (which will probably take forever too) to pick it up. So we are grabbing Grandpa (my dad) and making a road trip out of it!

It should be a good way to spend most of the day today. It has been requested that Cake and I get out of the house today...the requestee is in bed with a bug (Im thinking from the hospital). And a road trip is a good mellow way to spend the day. And Cake can only do mellow right now-doctors orders!

But onto the pictures of the day....

We were supposed to head up to my grandma's on Sunday but plans changed. So we instead headed to the Spectrum in Irvine (its an outdoor shopping mall type thing) to walk around and then get some lunch. Well, I got myself a smoothie and Cake had her own little baby smoothie. Well, apparently her baby smoothie wasnt enough. She grabbed mine (after she finished hers) and went to town.

Plus there is an extra bonus with these pics....She has piggys! And she looks adorable!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh poor Cakezilla!

Have you ever heard the Godzilla song by Blue Oyster Cult? It is Cake's theme song. If you havent heard it/seen the video you MUST promptly head over to youtube and watch it. Its pretty much awesome. (As an added bonus, you will then understand the title of today's post!)
I sing the Godzilla song to Cake all the time. And she loves it!
ANYWAY, a friend of mine found this online (thanks Mer!) and as soon as I saw it I almost died laughing. This is my child. She destroys anything and everything in her path. No matter how big or small, she will tear it down and into pieces.

It all started when she was smaller and first started moving. She would roll over to an object and work sooo hard to knock it over or tear it apart. And the more mobile she gets, the worse the destruction gets! She now will climb onto things just to knock stuff over. Her favorite thing to destroy is a set of mega blocks that her granparents got her for Valentines day. She will hand me a block out of the bag and continue to do so until our entire tower is built. Once there are no more blocks and the towers is high in the sky she backs up a bit and then runs (well, walks quickly) and knocks the tower over. She then turns to me and says UT UT (her version of ut oh!)

It highly entertaining. My mission is to capture it on video for everyone to see!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ahhh Im caught up now. So here is my post for today! Cake is in bed and I can actually use the computer without her trying to rip the screen off!

This is the plate that Cake and I made for Valentine's day. We made it at one of those ceramic pottery painting places called Color Me Mine. It has my hand in the background and Cake's hand on top of mine. So sweet and sentimental!

Im so glad this plate finally turned out. I havent had the best of experiences with the painting place. This plate is my 4th attempt at making something. Each time I got the dreaded phone call...Sorry but your piece broke while we were firing it. I cant even beging to explain how frustrating/heartbreaking it is to hear them say that. I would always take Cake and make something special to remember that moment in her life. And they would break it. Eh, oh well. I finally have a completed piece and I love it!

This is an example of how crazy dramatic my Cake is. She had been awake from her nap for a little while but as soon as I walked into her room she started acting all groggy and sleepy still. She cracks me up every day. Her little personality is coming out more and more each day. She is stubborn, independent, curious, hard-headed, sweet, and loving all rolled into one! One minute she is pushing me out of the way and saying mooove (although it comes out as moooof) and the next she is running over to me for hugs and kisses. I love her so much and it grows every day!
End sappy moment!

Blood, tears, and procrastination!

So I didnt get a chance to blog yesterday-I have NO idea where the day went- so Im going to probably have to break this up into 2 posts so it doesnt get too overwhelming!

This picture pretty much sums up our day yesterday. She fell on her face and as result had her first bloody nose. There is now a big red mark above her lip that is probably going to turn into a bruise. It seems like not such a big deal now but yesterday I was pretty much in pieces. Hearing her cry broke my heart. She seems to be mostly over it today though. I think in the end it traumatized me more than her! Such is the life of a mom.....
We move in just a few weeks and I have yet to really start packing. I just dont know where to start. Plus we have over a month to make the transfer from our apartment to our house. I think that is what makes me procrastinate. I want to just move a car full of stuff every day so it doesnt get soooo overwhelming. Who knows if that will actually work though!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sadie's 2nd Valentines Day

Eating her sugar cookie

This past Saturday was Cake's 2nd Valentines Day. I cant believe she is almost 14 months old...where did the time go?

This Valentines day was pretty mellow. Her special Valentines day treat was a doughnut hole with sprinkles(its just not as yummy without the sprinkles!!!). She wasnt too into the doughnut but she loved picking off the sprinkles one by one!

She helped me make sugar cookies the next day. She is becoming such a good helper in the kitchen already! She loves baking things with me and I love sharing that with her. She helped me pour the flour into the mixer and watched it all mix together. The little sneak stole the spatula and ran away with it. But she was too cute so I had to chase her down and take some pictures!!


Sneaky Cake!!