Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cakes New Ride

So Im sure most everyone has seen the pictures of Cake's new stroller but I love it soooo much that I decided to show off some more pictures of it!

Its a Quinny Zapp and its hands down the best stroller ever. Plus its in orange which makes it even more awesome!

Its so light weight. I was able to push Cake around in it at the grocery store today with one hand while I held a hand basket in the other. And Cake seems to love it. She was kicking her feet the whole time and waving to anyone and everyone in the store.

I decided to snap a picture of her in her new stroller with her new birth certificate. Lame I know, but its what I do! I hadnt noticed how grumpy she looks in this picture until now. She still isnt back to her normal self yet but I guess thats to be expected after what happened. Im hoping that the hospital stay didnt traumatize her too bad. Its going to be a waiting game for her normal personality to come back I think.

Okay, I must get some sleep while Cake does.

1 comment:

  1. such an awesome stroller, I like the orange color and Cake just looks so darned cute in it too!