Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ahhh Im caught up now. So here is my post for today! Cake is in bed and I can actually use the computer without her trying to rip the screen off!

This is the plate that Cake and I made for Valentine's day. We made it at one of those ceramic pottery painting places called Color Me Mine. It has my hand in the background and Cake's hand on top of mine. So sweet and sentimental!

Im so glad this plate finally turned out. I havent had the best of experiences with the painting place. This plate is my 4th attempt at making something. Each time I got the dreaded phone call...Sorry but your piece broke while we were firing it. I cant even beging to explain how frustrating/heartbreaking it is to hear them say that. I would always take Cake and make something special to remember that moment in her life. And they would break it. Eh, oh well. I finally have a completed piece and I love it!

This is an example of how crazy dramatic my Cake is. She had been awake from her nap for a little while but as soon as I walked into her room she started acting all groggy and sleepy still. She cracks me up every day. Her little personality is coming out more and more each day. She is stubborn, independent, curious, hard-headed, sweet, and loving all rolled into one! One minute she is pushing me out of the way and saying mooove (although it comes out as moooof) and the next she is running over to me for hugs and kisses. I love her so much and it grows every day!
End sappy moment!

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  1. lol@ mooof...........So cute...I wonder if we have one of those pottery places around here? That is such a cute plate. How crazy they have broken several projects! LOVE the groggy pics!