Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh poor Cakezilla!

Have you ever heard the Godzilla song by Blue Oyster Cult? It is Cake's theme song. If you havent heard it/seen the video you MUST promptly head over to youtube and watch it. Its pretty much awesome. (As an added bonus, you will then understand the title of today's post!)
I sing the Godzilla song to Cake all the time. And she loves it!
ANYWAY, a friend of mine found this online (thanks Mer!) and as soon as I saw it I almost died laughing. This is my child. She destroys anything and everything in her path. No matter how big or small, she will tear it down and into pieces.

It all started when she was smaller and first started moving. She would roll over to an object and work sooo hard to knock it over or tear it apart. And the more mobile she gets, the worse the destruction gets! She now will climb onto things just to knock stuff over. Her favorite thing to destroy is a set of mega blocks that her granparents got her for Valentines day. She will hand me a block out of the bag and continue to do so until our entire tower is built. Once there are no more blocks and the towers is high in the sky she backs up a bit and then runs (well, walks quickly) and knocks the tower over. She then turns to me and says UT UT (her version of ut oh!)

It highly entertaining. My mission is to capture it on video for everyone to see!

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