Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sadie's 2nd Valentines Day

Eating her sugar cookie

This past Saturday was Cake's 2nd Valentines Day. I cant believe she is almost 14 months old...where did the time go?

This Valentines day was pretty mellow. Her special Valentines day treat was a doughnut hole with sprinkles(its just not as yummy without the sprinkles!!!). She wasnt too into the doughnut but she loved picking off the sprinkles one by one!

She helped me make sugar cookies the next day. She is becoming such a good helper in the kitchen already! She loves baking things with me and I love sharing that with her. She helped me pour the flour into the mixer and watched it all mix together. The little sneak stole the spatula and ran away with it. But she was too cute so I had to chase her down and take some pictures!!


Sneaky Cake!!


  1. oh yum! What a sweet treat for Cake!! Glad to see ya here on the blog...I loved reading of Cake!!


    Oh and just wait till you see what I am making you with that pic...TOOOO CUTE!

  2. Aw she is so cute eating her cookie dough..she is like me, I always have to lick the spatula since I was a little kid. Mike thinks I'm gross, but I think it's gross to eat with your mouth open, so we are even :)