Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bathtime fun

Every single day this kid cracks me up. She is so full of a bubbly (yet often times demanding) personality. Today was a pretty mellow day. Cake didnt wake up and want out of her crib until almost 1o! Lazy toddler!!! She still is acting pretty sleepy and some what lethargic when she gets up (which the trauma doctor said to watch for) so I scheduled her follow up with her pedi on Tuesdsay. We will see what she says.

Cake and I spent most of the day playing together. She made me food at her kitchen, we danced to the Wiggles (her new favorite show-she loves it more then MMC!!), built a mega block tower for her stuffed dragon, and pretty much just hung out. She totally is my playmate every day and I love it!

Bathtime is always a fun time for us to spend together. She splashes around and I read her a book. Right now we are re-reading Twilight (although Im thinking of getting a new kid friendly bath time book for her).

She loves playing with the millions of toys that she has in the tub with her. Once she hears the water running she will toddle around the house, pick up an armful of toys, head to the bathtub and drop them in (I generally have to sneak a few away that arent tub friendly). Once she is in the tub with all the toys she totally ignores them and is only interested in her wash cloth!!

This is my favorite picture of her tonight. Her classic cheese face!!! I can never get enough of it! She is such a little ham when the camera is out. I totally enjoy all of her cuteness!

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  1. awwwwww Cake is too cute for words! She really is....It seems by your post Cake had to go to the hospital for something....I am assuming since you haven't mentioned it, you don't wanna talk about it, and that is totally cool. I'll respect that...but I am glad she is ok and is the happy, cute, smiley cake as always!!