Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blood, tears, and procrastination!

So I didnt get a chance to blog yesterday-I have NO idea where the day went- so Im going to probably have to break this up into 2 posts so it doesnt get too overwhelming!

This picture pretty much sums up our day yesterday. She fell on her face and as result had her first bloody nose. There is now a big red mark above her lip that is probably going to turn into a bruise. It seems like not such a big deal now but yesterday I was pretty much in pieces. Hearing her cry broke my heart. She seems to be mostly over it today though. I think in the end it traumatized me more than her! Such is the life of a mom.....
We move in just a few weeks and I have yet to really start packing. I just dont know where to start. Plus we have over a month to make the transfer from our apartment to our house. I think that is what makes me procrastinate. I want to just move a car full of stuff every day so it doesnt get soooo overwhelming. Who knows if that will actually work though!

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  1. awww poor cake! Her nose ran frosting! Bless her heart, but she is still so cute! Good luck with moving, I am no stranger to that! AND I have to do it again soon...boooo