Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up

Wow I didnt realize how many days I had missed on here. I have no idea where most of the days went-which is normally the case!

Cake is finally back home and she is doing okay so far. She is a little insecure being on her own but she acutally slept alone in her crib last night. I only had to go check on her once or twice. Which was great progress. I was expecting more of a fight from her.

We are headed off to Santa Ana today to finally pick up Cake's birth certificate. Its totally lame that Ive waited almost 14 months to get it but I figure better late than never right?? Its such a ridiculous process. Either pay an exorbant amount to have it mailed to you (plus the fact that you have to have a SPECIFIC company notarize the form) and wait forever for it to be sent to you or drive 3 hours away and wait at the courthouse (which will probably take forever too) to pick it up. So we are grabbing Grandpa (my dad) and making a road trip out of it!

It should be a good way to spend most of the day today. It has been requested that Cake and I get out of the house today...the requestee is in bed with a bug (Im thinking from the hospital). And a road trip is a good mellow way to spend the day. And Cake can only do mellow right now-doctors orders!

But onto the pictures of the day....

We were supposed to head up to my grandma's on Sunday but plans changed. So we instead headed to the Spectrum in Irvine (its an outdoor shopping mall type thing) to walk around and then get some lunch. Well, I got myself a smoothie and Cake had her own little baby smoothie. Well, apparently her baby smoothie wasnt enough. She grabbed mine (after she finished hers) and went to town.

Plus there is an extra bonus with these pics....She has piggys! And she looks adorable!


  1. Okay, one She is adorable!

    My stepsister and stepmom say the spectrum is amazing. They used to go there almost everyday when they lived out there. I'm totally visiting you if I ever go out there with them.

  2. I loooove the piggies...They are totally cute. Yeah for getting the BC! The day we talked about it, I filled out the form online and I am just waiting for it! And hospital?? What did I miss?? Is Cake ok??